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211 Manser Street, Meyerspark
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M-F: 07:25 – 13:45
Weekends: Closed

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012 803 7505


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We have compiled a list of FAQ’s and their answers.

If you have not found an answer to a question you may have, please follow the link to our Contact Us page where you can request answers via our contact form.  If your issue is urgent, please contact us on 012 803 7505/6.

What do I need to Know About COVID 19?

Read this Letter

Study this Learners Protocol

What are the banking details of the school?
Account Name:              Laerskool Meyerspark

Bank:                                 Absa

Account Number:           070550032

Branch Number:             632005

Reference Number:        Please quote your school fee reference number of the learner when making any payments.

How do I report my child’s absence from school?
Please let the class teacher know via sms or leave a message by phoning the front office.
What do I do if my child is prescribed medication?
Please send the doctors note to school.  Teachers are NOT allowed to give learners any medication unless you have given them permission by completing a medical form at school.
What happens if my child has a medical/ dental appointment?
Please try to arrange medical appointments outside school time.  If this is unavoidable we ask that you bring the appointment letter to the school office so it can be recorded on the register.
What should I do if I am worried about my child’s progress?
If you have any concerns about your child’s progress we ask that you arrange an appointment to talk to your child’s class teacher or subject teacher.
What do I do if I need to see a teacher?
Phone the office.  Tell the secretary which teacher you would like to see and she will get back to you, with a date and time.
How does the School communicate with parents?

We communicate via Circulars given to the children, Facebook, Sms system and we have also added a very informative calendar to our website that will be populated with all major events.

NEW: We also communicate via the Whatsapp Homework Groups

When do you change from summer to winter clothes?
Depending on the weather – learners and parents will be informed in advance.
When are the school holidays for 2020?

26 – 30 October 2020

4th Term: School Closes on 15 December 2020

What are your school hours?
Monday             07:25 – 13:45

Tuesday            07:25 – 13:45

Wednesday       07:25 – 13:45

Thursday           07:25 – 13:45

Friday               07:25 – 13:15

What after school activities are available?
Mini Socccer

Mini-Hockey  (Grade 1, 2 & 3)


Cross Country  (Grade 4 -7)

Choir  (Grade 3, 4 & 5)

Dance  (Grade 6 & 7)

Art Club  (Grade 1, 2 & 3)

Netball Skills


Is there an aftercare at the school?
No there are three aftercare facilities not far from the school – Tuishuis,  Pikkewouter  en Dimpels en Duimpies.  You can contact them for more information.

Laerskool Meyerspark Primary

Laerskool Meyerspark Primary